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About Us
The Maynard NOW group meets at the Eagles hall located at the corner of Nason and Summer street. The entry door is on Nason street.

Parking is on street or in the municipal lot (not in the library lot, please). Use the stairs or electric chair lift to get to the meeting hall.

Until 2014, all NOW meetings were at the church across from the Fire Station, but moved to the current location when the church closed in 2014.
Since its formation ~1980, the Maynard NOW group has hosted different meetings but is perhaps best known for the Nooner, an open speaker-discussion meeting held Monday thru Friday at noontime.

In addition to the Monday-Friday Nooner, the NOW group holds an open speaker meeting on Wednesday evening (aka the Balogna Sandwich meeting), a speaker-discussion meeting Thursday evening, and a Grapevine discussion meeting on Sunday evening.

Maynard NOW meetings are open A.A. meetings — all are welcome. Our group code is love and tolerance of others, and all group decisions are guided by a Higher Power as expressed through an informed group conscience.