About Us
The Royal Mystic Order of the Knights of Serenity (RMOKOS) is a men's AA group that meets Saturday, 10:30 to noon at St. Bridget’s School in Maynard (GoogleMaps). The group name/acroynm is both a tongue-in-cheek moniker and a reference to the knight standing outside the room.

Since ~1984, RMOKOS has hosted a men’s speaker-discussion meeting. Until 2015, the group opted to remain "dark" but group conscience led to a decision to become a registered AA group in Area 30, District 24 and listed with GSO, Boston Central Service and the Worcester Area Intergroup.

RMOKOS meetings are open A.A. men’s meetings – all men are welcome*. Meetings start with the AA Preamble and are conducted in observance of the AA 12 Steps and AA 12 Traditions.

*To join the RMOKOS group, see the group secretary. For a site login: click here. To login: click here.