About Us
The Harvard Catacombs III group holds a Wednesday speaker-discussion meeting from 8:30-10pm at the Harvard Congregational Church.

The group was formed in June 1983 and is named after Catacombs West of Littleton which, in turn, is named after the Watertown Catacombs group. Fittingly, Harvard Catacombs III meets near the Harvard Burial Grounds.

Catacombs III is part of District 26 in Area 30 and is registered with the General Service Office (GSO), Boston Central Service, and the Worcester Area Intergroup.

Catacombs III meetings are closed meetings for alcoholics only*. The group embraces the AA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions; each meeting opens with the AA Preamble and closes with the Lord’s Prayer.

*To join Catacombs III, see the group secretary. To get a login: click here. To login: click here.

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